Кейс для тростей (темный падаук)

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Стильный и практичный деревянный кейс для тростей.

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The Theo Wanne solid hardwood reed case will protect your soprano, alto, or tenor reeds in style!

Your reeds will rest on a acrylic plate and be held in place with velvet. Every one of our cases comes the beautiful Theo Wanne Mandala design on the cover! Each case holds four reeds and comes in Light Maple or Dark Paduak.

Fits perfectly in the Theo Wanne Double Pouch Mouthpiece leather case.  The double case is truly beautiful, both aesthetically and functionally. The clipping mechanism clips onto a belt as well as directly onto pants. It is filled perfectly with two mouthpieces and a Theo Wanne Reed Case. They fit snug, are well protected, and easy to access.


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