SHIVA 3 мундштук для саксофона тенора Theo Wanne

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Самый агрессивный и жирный звук, насколько это возможно!


The SHIVA ‘The Destroyer’ mouthpiece has TONS of power, edge and projection, all with a huge core sound rich in harmonics! 

gerald-albright-on-shiva-tenor-mpc-squareIt is currently being used by Gerald Albright, Warren Ham on tour with Ringo Starr, as well as by Mark Douthit (Elton John, Michael McDonald), Najee, Nelson Rangell, and many many others.

The SHIVA combines both a step and roll-over baffle, and adds the Theo Wanne proprietary “shark-gill” chamber.  These features give the SHIVA huge power and edge making it suitable for Rock n’ Roll, R&B or any situation where dynamics and power are important.

“I LOVE the Shiva! I’m a happy man. I love the brightness and the added bonus is how ‘full-bodied’ it is.” – Gerald Albright (3 Grammy Nominations)

“I just stopped and said WOW – I Feel Like I’ve Come Home! The SHIVA is very aggressive and great for those screaming tenor solos.” – Mark Douthit (Elton John, Billy Joel, Lionel Ritchie, Amy grant, Vanessa Williams, Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus)

ace-barton-shiva-tenor-square“I have been a Rock & Roll and Blues Rock sax player beginning in the late 50’s when I performed with some of the early pioneers of rock and rockabilly as a teenager. Early in my career I had the vintage Duck Bill Bergs, Dukoff’s and Brillhart Level aire’s. Later on it was Guardala’s and a Clarence Clemon’s favorite – the Rovner Deep V. But with all the credibility of my many years wailing a tenor sax to back me up, this latest mouthpiece,SHIVA the Destroyer from Theo Wanne tops them all. It brings back the edge, projection and brightness of the classic vintage pieces, but with a less shrill tone, more volume, and a easier bottom end. The DESTROYER came along late in this rocker’s career, but I’m sure thankful it did!” – Ace Barton (Bobby Vee, The Champs “Tequila fame”)

The SHIVA Tenor is available in 24K gold plated brass, premium hard rubber, and our proprietary is a very special and expensive material which further increases vibration in your horn.  Go if you want the maximum performance from a ‘hard rubber’ style mouthpiece!  In addition, is safe for those with allergies and more stable.  If you are in the sun or extensive heat, hard rubber can oxidise and distort, however will not.

Like all Theo Wanne™ products the SHIVA is made using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies. You will receive the most consistent and highest quality mouthpiece available in history.


  • Huge power, projection and edge!!!
  • Perfect for Rock n’ Roll and expressive Jazz.
  • Destroy everything in your path!


  • Revolutionary Shark-Gill Chamber with a high-step AND roll-over baffle.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


  • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! Like the case?  See our other mouthpiece and reed cases here!
  • Finish: The Metal SHIVA has a reticulated 24K gold plating with highlighted logo (standard), and Vintified (special order).
  • Premium Hard Rubber:  The Hard Rubber SHIVA uses the finest vintage style hard rubber on the planet!
  • Blue A.R.T. – Proprietary Material never before used in saxophone mouthpieces, but even more responsive than hard rubber.
  • Ligatures: Metal SHIVA includes our integrated two-point contact 24K gold Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate.   We recommend the Enlightened Ligature for the Hard Rubber and A.R.T. SHIVA.  To truly individualize your sound, try our premium pressure plates, which fit all of our mouthpieces and ligatures!
  • Cap: Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.
  • Bite Pad: Our user replaceable bite pads, allow you to peel and stick on new bite pads. Try our varying hardness bite pads to personalize the feel.

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7* (0,105"), 8 (0,110"), 9 (0,120")

1 отзыв на SHIVA 3 мундштук для саксофона тенора Theo Wanne

  1. Aleksey_Mark (проверенный владелец)

    Заказал себе теноровый SHIVA 3 Мундштук приехал немного дольше обычного, так как он менее популярен чем Gaia или Durga. Но ожидания стоили того!!!) Мундштук очень яркий, колоссально мощный пробивной, ну просто Взрыв Башки! Но при этом я не услышал в нем уж очень навязчивой резкости. Впечатления от игры на нем самые самые положительные! Если выбираете между Durga или SHIVA, но больше манит SHIVA — Смело Можно покупать данный мундштук. Он очень многогранный) Спасибо магазину Theo Wanne за четкую профессиональную работу!!!!))))

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