LDM 94W беспроводной микрофон для саксофона SD Systems

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Беспроводной динамический микрофон LDM 94W от производителя номер 1 в мире. Компактный и без болтающихся на поясе проводов. Выбор профессионалов.



LDM94W компактный беспроводной микрофон для саксофона SD Systems

The LDM94W Compact wireless with Dynamic High Power mic for Wind and Brass Instruments in combination with an almost invisible HQ transmitter incorporated in our goose clamp. Now you are totally cable free, transmitting with legal frequencies for USA and Europe – 8 easily programmable frequencies for 8 different players. The lithium battery gives 6 hours of performance time.


Easy programmable & compact receiver. The 515 series receiver has a dual-tuner true-diversity circuitry and delivers professional performance worldwide. It has a metal chassis and dual-color, backlit LCD displays and is easy & intuitive to program. 80 preset channels in the 24 MHz band (621~644 MHz). 8 user-defined, auto-scanned, interference free channels can be saved for 8 musicians on stage with frequencies, allowed in the USA as well as in most European countries.


  • No cables to your belt, easy to clip on the instrument and change instruments using one mike.
  • High End specifications, pure natural sound
  • Long battery life, rechargeable cell
  • Very compact transmitter attached to clamp under the bell
  • Suitable for wind AND brass instruments.
  • High power dynamic mic with optimal internal housing (OIH)
  • Clamp system following the rim shape
  • Sturdy gooseneck giving ultimate positioning of the mic
  • Mic shock free mounted to avoid key-rumble
  • Compact carrying case included

 Included in the box:

  • Wireless mic mix with built-in transmitter
  • Receiver with range-extending antennas
  • Rechargable battery with charging cable
  • Windscreen


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