SDS MD динамический микрофон SD Systems

31 600

Модульный микрофон, который можно использовать с любыми инструментами.


The SDS Modular system incorporates a gooseneck clip with exchangeable elements.It’s an Interchangeable system, so later you can use it our other condenser or studio mics. A professional mic system at a HIGHLY affordable price !

  • Easy to clip over to different horns
  • Fits ANY bell
  • No harm to your instrument
  • Clamp follows the shape of the rim
  • Rounded edges, aerodynamic shape
  • Mic: shockfree mounted
Standard delivered with El-94 Dynamic capsule.
Polar pattern Cardioid-unidirectional
Frequency response 70-15.000Hz.
Sensitivity -66 mV
Output impedance 200 Ohm
Max Sound pressure level 139 dB


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